Sexual or Excretory . . . That is the Question.

January 26, 2008

The FCC is always good for a chuckle. They are proposing a $1.4 million dollar fine against ABC affiliates because a woman’s tushie appeared on TV nearly five years ago. Apparently, the “NYPD Blue” episode showed “multiple, close-up views of a woman’s naked buttocks.” (Netflix, here I come.)

Apparently, the debate is over the exact status of a woman’s ass. Is it an excretory or sexual organ? ABC argues that the tookas is not a sexual organ. The FCC disagrees, which makes you wonder what they’re doing at the Christmas party.

So, let the debate begin. Is the booty an excretory or sexual organ???

Or both??


No Volunteers for Orgasm Research

September 3, 2005

You may have guessed by now that this is for women. A North Carolina scientist claims to have invented a device that will deliver an orgasm at the touch of a button, but is surprised that women aren’t “beating his door down” to help test it.
A psychosexual counselor (and just what the hell is that?) says that women won’t be interested in such a “quick fix,” to which men the world over were heard to say “what?
Good thing I didn’t buy into this franchise.

School Officials Not Sure What Causes Pregnancy

August 23, 2005

In an Ohio high school, 65 out of 490 female students are pregnant. There is too much to chuckle at in such a short story, but here are the highlights:

  • The school is launching a “three-prong program” to deal with the issue . . . perhaps an unfortunate choice of words.
  • School officials are not sure what caused so many pregnancies. Maybe it’s the prong thing.
  • “This will make it difficult for the Canton City School District to shake its academic watch designation by the state.” No shit.

Remember, kids, it only takes one prong to get you in trouble.

Let’s Hit the Showers, Ladies!

August 16, 2005

A family activist group is criticizing an Allentown, PA, ordinance granting “special non-discrimination rights” to homosexuals and those with “non-traditional gender identities. According to the family activists, the ordinance could lead to men who think they are women using the restroom and shower with women.
This is great news for those of us who are actually lesbians trapped in men’s bodies.

A Nifty Headline.

August 13, 2005

Apparently, flashers and nudists don’t play (sorry) well together.