"Hey, like, this kid cut off a corpse’s head to use as a bong, man!"

July 6, 2006

Nickolas Buckalew, a teenager from Vermont, is going to jail for disinterring a corpse and stealing its head to use as a bong. Among the details in the story that can be placed in the “No Shit” file:

“A psychiatrist has diagnosed Buckalew with mental health issues.”

The most shocking part of the crime?

“On April 8, 2005, Buckalew broke into a tomb, opened the lid of a casket and cut off the head of a corpse. He stole eyeglasses and a bow tie from the dead man.”

I can understand stealing eyeglasses and a head, but stealing a corpse’s bow tie is way, way, way over the line.

Kinda gives the phrase “head shop” a whole new meaning, man.


Hey, Like, Mount Everest Ain’t as High as They Thought, Man!

October 9, 2005

Mount Everest is 13 feet shorter than previously thought, man.

Hey, Someday Giant Grasses Might, Like, Replace Fossil Fuels, Man!

September 9, 2005

Elephant grass might become the new oil and coal. Better stock up now, so someday I can load up the truck and move to Beverly.

Hey, these cops, like, found a pot plant as big as a tree, man.

August 21, 2005

Indiana State police busted a marijuana farm containing pot plants as tall as 8 feet. Hey, King Kong needs to blaze one up once in a while, too.