Some Crap I Thought About

May 26, 2007
  • The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has a new exhibition: “Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids.” One thing we learn is that Christopher Columbus once reported seeing three mermaids while at sea. “Many scientists now agree that what Columbus probably saw was a manatee, an aquatic mammal that resembles a flippered hippo.” Now, I don’t know if mermaids are real or not, but these scientists would have us believe that Columbus thought he saw this, but he really saw this. Hey, it’s a mistake anyone could make.
  • I exited a giant bookstore the other day, and another lady exited just before me. The security detector thingys went off, and she went back in to see if an employee needed to check her receipt. Nobody came, so she started to walk out again, and the alarm went off again. Back in she went. Again nobody came. I advised her to just leave. I ignore those alarms. I just walk out. I’m not a thief, and won’t go slinking back into the store, asking for permission to leave. If you think I stole from you, you’re free to chase me down in the parking lot, but be careful about jumping me–this is not the fat Jimmy from the days of yore, heh-heh.
  • Not sure why, but I was reading up on the presidential candidates of both parties, and something jumped out at me. I read that Barack Obama wants to take the “tit-for-tat” out of American politics. Coincidentally, I read that Bill Clinton is fine with removing the tats, but would prefer to keep the tits.
  • A Tennessee deputy lost his job for accepting a blow job from a porn star in exchange for ignoring the drugs in her car. Yeah, well, he still got a blow job from a porn star.
  • I saw a bumper sticker on a car whose driver must’ve had a death wish. I can’t remember the specific wording, but it was something about George Bush and what a Big-Brotherish dictator he is. This kid was swerving between lanes, driving dangerously fast and riding peoples’ asses and finally running a red light. Now, if you want to express your hatred for Bush on your car, you’ll get no complaint from me, but if you exhibit the kind of selfish, reckless, irresponsible behavior that forces governments to pass more “nanny state” laws, I think you’ve forfeited any moral high ground. Don’t complain about the solution when you’re part of the problem.
  • I spent last night watching John Wayne movies. The Duke would’ve been 100 years old today, Pilgrim.
  • Last night, I thought I heard something in my daughters’ room, so I looked in on them to make sure they were asleep. They were laying in bed, on their sides, facing each other and just talking. No rowdiness or arguing, just having a conversation, enjoying each others’ company. I am not worthy.

But I sure know where I’ve been

May 26, 2007

Hello, everyone. Hard to believe it’s been over three months since I’ve posted, but I have good reasons. In early April, I started the Body-for-Life program, which involves a mix of weight lifting, cardio and six carbohydrate/protein meals per day. It’s been going well. I started at 229 lbs., and I’m now at 206. Twenty-three pounds gone in 6 weeks. I lost the first 16 lbs. in the first three weeks. I now wear jeans that would’ve been tight ten years ago, and I can see my jawline again, ha. My energy has returned, and I’m getting muscles on my chest for the first time. It’s exciting and a little strange all at once.

Also, I’ve been working on my screenwriting. I’m determined to make a sale in the next year, so nearly all of my free time has been devoted to writing and studying the craft.

I’ve started the girls on Hooked-on-Phonics. They’re doing well, learning the different sounds that letters make.

This exercise program require a decent amount of rest, so the days of staying up until midnight on the computer are over. I have to be up to get my workouts done before my girls get up around 6:30 or 7, and I have to have lights out by 11 p.m. at the latest. So, you can see that time is at a premium, but I have missed you all. I check in on your blogs regularly, but I haven’t commented much since I haven’t had time to engage in the kind of conversations we used to. However, now that I’ve streamlined my schedule, I hope to come around more often. I’ll see you all on my rounds.